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What is Baby Botox? Is it a good idea?

Baby Botox is the technique of injecting smaller doses of Botox in the face, with the goal of smoothing and preventing fine lines and wrinkles. We asked Mariah, NP if it's an effective treatment strategy:

"Botox dosing is based on the strength of the muscle and the amount of movement that is creating the line. Doing a lighter dose is not going to get the anticipated effect and people will feel like they’ve wasted their money. This is a medication and has to be dosed appropriately to provide the desired effect.

The FDA approved dose for scowl lines, forehead, and crows feet is 64 units. All of the studies done on Botox for FDA approval for efficacy and safety showed that this dose gets the best results, with movement gradually returning over three months. When wrinkles at rest return around three months, it's time for another treatment.

Sometimes people will want to start with a lighter dose and that is OK, but I always tell them it’s not going to last as long as if we did a more appropriate dose. And once they get used to the feeling of having Botox, I will try to get them towards the more appropriate dose, so it lasts longer. Dose = Duration.

Rather than thinking about 'Baby Botox' as the starting point in wrinkle prevention, 'Preventative Botox' is a more appropriate term. Preventative Botox is when we start treating wrinkles at the very earliest stage before they become etched in or to prevent them from forming in the first place. Soft lines at rest and wrinkles that are not too deep can be reversed with tox and time and that is where we prevent the need for further treatments down the road (like microneedling and Morpheus8). Your provider will give you the appropriate dose based on the strength of the muscle and your desired result."

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