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Quarantine Skincare

What can you do to care for your skin and rejuvenate your face (and hands!) while you quarantine? Our esthetician, Mandy Shafer, shares her tips:⁣⁣⁣

  1. Be mindful of general wellness. Stay hydrated, get exercise, eat well. I am so impressed by the Skin Ultimate Supplements by Jane Iredale. They are a complete profile of everything your skin needs, and really enhance the health of your hair and nails too.

  2. Don’t forget to wash your skin daily. Even if you’re not wearing makeup, wash your face every evening. If your skin is oily, wash in the morning as well.

  3. Sunscreen. Get outside every day for fresh air, Vitamin D, and exercise, but don’t forget your sunscreen to protect from skin damage.

  4. Up your night cream game! For renewal and hydration, I love Epionce Lytic Tx, followed by Epionce Renewal Cream or Lotion, based on your skin type. Make sure to apply on your face, chest and hands. For a brightening boost, try the Renew Glycolic 10 by Skin Ceuticals for overnight exfoliation and brightening from phytic acid.

  5. Treat your skin to an at-home facial twice a week. A beautiful at-home facial is the Skin Zyme mask to gently exfoliate, followed by the Epionce Enriched Firming Mask (for dry skin) or the Clarifying Clay Mask by Skin Ceuticals (for oily skin).

  6. Care for your hands: Try the Bioglycolic Body Lotion for dry, stressed, hands. The glycolic acid removes dry, dead skin, and allows hand creams to do their job.

  7. Invest in yourself… and our community! So many local companies are offering online classes or at-home kits, and many of them are FREE! Commit to joining in at least a few times a week, if not every day. Participating and supporting local businesses and our community is so important! 

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31 mar 2020

I got the Skin Zyme mask as Mandy (who is the best and I absolutely love) recommended. I have been using it every other day. It is not a replacement for the facials I get from Mandy but it will get me through until I get to see her again!

Me gusta
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