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Why Accumax?

Missoula Skin Care

What is Accumax?

🥬 Accumax is a high-quality nutritional supplement. It's the natural solution for problem skin, nourishing skin from its deepest level. Four capsules a day for 14 weeks has an amazing effect on the health of the skin! (Especially beneficial for acneic and problem skin.)

Why we love it:

🥬 Bio-identical, carefully chosen ingredients sourced from the US and Europe.

🥕 A patented formula containing vitamins A, C and E with diindolylmethane (DIM). DIM is a natural plant nutrient found in cruciferous vegetables that helps your body detoxify and improves metabolism.

🥦 Quality-tested and regulated by in Europe (with higher standards than required by the FDA).

🥕 A patented, completely unique formula. Made with Bio-identical ingredients are encased in high-quality capsules that disintegrate in less than 30 minutes. This allows skin-loving nutrients to be released quickly to maximize nutrient absorption.

Kate, Skin Chic esthetician, shares her experience with Accumax:

"My clients don’t usually think about fixing their skin from the inside out, but nutritional support is so important to healing your skin! Accumax has made my skin 80% better, and when my clients use it consistently, I always see improvement in their skin."

Wondering if Accumax is a good fit for you? Come talk to an esthetician at our Downtown or Southgate Mall locations! Consultations are always free. ☎️ 406-541-8466

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