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What is a Microcurrent Face Lift?

⚡️ What is a Microcurrent Face Lift? ⚡️⁣

THE SCIENCE: ⚡️⁣ Microcurrent uses a low-level electrical current to mirror your body’s own electrical impulses. This current triggers your muscles to lift and tighten, enhances circulation, and causes measurable increase in collagen and elastin production.⁣ INSTANT RESULTS: ⚡️⁣ By the end of your treatment, your jawline will be more defined, your cheekbones more pronounced, and you'll have younger-looking and refreshed eyes. In fact, after your esthetician finishes one side of your face, you’ll be able to see that one brow is noticeably higher than the other, and your chin and cheekbones are lifted.⁣ PAINLESS: ⚡️⁣ The most you’ll feel during you microcurrent treatment is a gentle tingling sensation!⁣ BEST IN A SERIES: ⚡️⁣ Microcurrent facials are essentially taking your face to the gym, and you'll need to keep working out to see even more results. Over time, your face muscles will get stronger, and hold their lifted position better.

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