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Abbie's Tips | Top 5 Makeup Brushes

Abbie's Beauty Tips | Makeup Missoula | Skin Chic

I don’t know about you but, for me, makeup brushes can be overwhelming. There are SO many different brushes out there, each made for a specific purpose. For many of us, though, we don’t want a hundred different makeup brushes. So which brushes should you choose? Don't be overwhelmed, I'm here to help!

I’ll share with you my top 5 fave makeup brushes...the only brushes you'll need to do your makeup flawlessly!

Most of these brushes are by Jane Iredale. These are excellent quality, hand-crafted brushes, made to last for years.

  1. Chisel Powder Brush

The Chisel brush is my absolute favorite for blush! It is the perfect size for your cheeks and applies product beautifully. This brush is also great for bronzer/contour because it is kind of tapered at the end so you can get in the hollows of your cheek and, for an even more defined contour, you can pinch the bristles toward the end together to make the brush thinner and more dense. So this is a great overall, multipurpose brush and definitely a must have!

2. The Handi

The handi is the perfect brush for powder! This is a flat, dense brush which is versatile: You can use it to lightly brush some setting powder over your foundation, or apply a full powder foundation. By changing how you use the brush, you can get either very light coverage or more full coverage. For fuller coverage, press the powder on your face, and for lighter coverage, lightly dust the powder on.

3. White Fan Blush Brush

Now, ironically, I don’t use this brush for blush because it’s a fan brush and, personally, I find it to be too thin and

flimsy for blush. What I love it for, though, is highlight and sometimes bronzer. This is the perfect brush for highlight because you can get a really light application to give you a subtle glow, or you can spritz it with some water to get it damp and get a more intense highlight look. It’s also great for bronzer because, since it is so thin, you can get a more defined contour application. Just be sure to blend it into your blush so you don’t have a straight line of contour!

4. Beauty Blender

We all know and the love the original beauty blender but this one is great as well! I love getting it damp and using this to apply foundation and concealer. You can get great coverage and it just makes your foundation application so smooth and leaves no streaks.

5. Crease Brush

My last must-have brush is the crease brush. This is the only brush you need for eye shadow, whether you have one,

three or five different colors you can use this brush for pretty much all of it. Just clean it a little bit between colors, especially between light and dark. You can either use a paper towel or just a little bit of brush cleaner and you’re good to go. This brush is perfect, though, because while it applies shadow beautifully it can also act as a blending brush so it’s pretty much a two in one brush which is perfect!

These are all my go-to brushes for my makeup. I hope you found this helpful if you are struggling to figure out which brushes to buy. What are your favorite brushes? Let me know!

XOXO, Abbie

Abbie's Beauty Tips | Skin Chic Missoula Makeup

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