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What is Threading?

Brow Threading Missoula

What is threading?

Threading is an ultra-precise hair removal technique that uses a cotton thread to wrap around and remove brow or lip hairs. Your esthetician has total control over which hairs are removed, allowing her to create a perfect shape. Because the thread pulls only on the hairs, not your skin, this method of hair removal is also ideal for sensitive skin.

What can you expect from your threading appointment?

1. Bearable pain.

Depending on the esthetician/your tolerance/the time of the month threading feels like tweezing multiple hairs at at once.

2. You are involved in the process

You'll be asked to pull your eyelids in opposing directions, so the skin is taught and easy for the therapist to work on. If they assume you've been before, expecting you to know what to do, ask and they'll explain!

3. Check the results, and ask for any adjustments

When the shaping is done, they'll show you the results in a handheld mirror and it's easy to automatically say "great!" – but look closely and ask for tweaks if you're not 100% happy.

4. Life after threading

Your freshly threaded brows will be easier to fill in yourself, making the morning makeup routine quicker. Bonus!

5. No need for tweezing!

There's no need to pluck between appointments, but when you feel the need to (after 5-6 weeks), save them up for a week and re-book.

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