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founded Skin Chic in: 2001

favorite skin care product:

the alastin product line... "it's the secret sauce to anti-aging."

favorite service: silk peel... "your skin will never feel more clean!"

why skin chic?: “I love to meet clients who have been coming to Skin Chic since they were 15…and now they are 30 and still loving their skin.”

hidden talent: Cindy was an art major, with a focus on studio pottery

Cindy Duncan


with Skin Chic since: 2007

favorite skin care product:

phloretin cf... "brightens & the best anti-ager for every age"

favorite facial service: diamond glow: "great for literally everyone and your skin looks better when you leave"

why skin chic? "i love working in an industry i love, and love to be surrounded by women who are equally passionate"

hidden talent: taught herself the banjo

Jennifer Clouse


with Skin Chic since: 2016

specialty: injectables, including undereye filler and precision injections of Botox and Dysport for facial sculpting 

favorite treatment: "injectables are so satisfying for my patients. It is so much fun creating a more beautiful aesthetic and working toward my client's personal goals."

why skin chic? "women supporting women"

skin care advice: "lay off the processed foods"

Danielle Weigand, RN


with Skin Chic since: 2018

aesthetic nurse since: 2009 

specialty: laser treatments

hidden talent: surfing

favorite skin care product: ha intensifier by skin ceuticals.. "hydrating and plumping!"

skin advice: "start a skin care routine early. it doesn't have to be complicated but simple care and prevention will keep your skin healthy and beautiful for graceful aging."

Karen Laughlin, RN


Heather Humphrey, RN

with Skin Chic since: 2018

specialty: injectables

favorite treatment: artfully injected lip filler

favorite product: "i love ce ferulic by skin ceuticals for overall brightening and the health of your skin."

skin advice: "sunscreen, sunscreen sunscreen! so you can enjoy all missoula has to offer and still have beautiful skin."

Skin Chic-0943.jpg

Katie Peot, RN

nurse since: 2010

specialty: laser

favorite treatment: laser hair removal

favorite product: "I love using SkinCeuticals Discoloration defense for my skin. It helps even out skin tone and dark spots!"

Skin Chic-0914.jpg

nurse practitioner since: 2017

specialty: dermatology

favorite skin care product: ce feruliic. "it's a must-have in my daily routine".

skin advice: 

Ashley Struttmann, NP

Dr. Dave is Skin Chic's directing physician, and provides training and oversight to Skin Chic's medical team.

After years in other medical fields, Dr Dave trained as an esthetic medicine specialist in 2007.

Dr. Dave is a member of the advisory board for Allergan (maker of Botox and Juvederm), and travels to train MD's and RN's in advanced treatment techniques.

Dave Christianson, MD




with Skin Chic since: 2008

esthetics specialty: all things skin


skin care advice: "don't wash your skin so much. one time a day, at night, is plenty."

favorite skin care product: "ce ferulic: it protects against everything."


favorite service: "derma planing! dermaplaning = no hair and smooth cheeks"

Mandy Shafer


with Skin Chic since: 2018

favorite service: "microderm infusion: it gets all my blackheads out, i love seeing the waste jar at the end of the facial with all the gunk that was in my face!"

favorite product: "lytic lotion by epionce. i feel like it has exfoliated years of build-up from my face, and smoothed all the little bumps on my skin."

makeup tip: "don't skip primer, it really does make a difference!"

Callie McDonald

with Skin Chic since: 2018

esthetics specialty: Ellie is a brow queen.. her brow wax and tint is legendary.


favorite service:  "botox and filler make me look instantly younger and healthier!

favorite skin care product: "CE Ferulic and Triple Lipid moisturizer by Skin Ceuticals. I have very dry skin and Triple Lipid gives great moisture. CE Ferulic evens my skin tone beautifully."

perfect missoula day: "i love to see live music! Any kind of live music is so great for the soul."

Ellie Williams


Alyssa Klette

with Skin Chic since: 2018

esthetics specialty: "facials. i love helping people fix their skin and making them feel good and confident about themselves at the same time."

favorite service: "lash lift + tint! it's fun and gorgeous."

skincare advice: "always use quality products. it makes such a difference!"


Andrea Proff

with Skin Chic since: 2019

esthetic specialty: "i love providing facial services. my goal is to  address each client’s individual skin concerns and provide the tools to achieve healthy beautiful skin. i strive for each client to leave feeling pampered and confident in their skin."

favorite service: "microderm infusion. in just one session your skin benefits from a hydrating serum infusion, exfoliation, extractions, lymphatic drainage, and increased collagen and elastin production. the results are immediate and leave the skin radiant and rejuvenated."


hidden talent: OULA ..she has been a instructor for five years.

Skin Chic-0296.jpg

Hannah Goracke

with Skin Chic since: 2019

esthetic specialty: "i love giving my clients facials. i love it when my clients are so relaxed that they fall asleep!"

favorite skin care product: "the cranberry exfoliant by ARC is so amazing. it's gentle enough to use at home without irritating skin, but delivers beautiful results."

Makeup Artist Missoula

makeup artist since: 2016

signature makeup look: "i love fun glam looks, like cut crease shadow, wing liner, and bold lips. i also specialize in helping clients with scarring, hyperpigmentation or melasma achieve their makeup goals."

makeup tip: "to prevent bleeding and create a precise lip line when wearing a bold lip, apply a face powder with a small detail brush around your lip line."

Sophia Holm

Waxing Missoula

esthetician since: 2019

favorite service: brow wax & tint

"it makes the biggest difference, and shapes your face."

skin care tip: "wash your face every night with a cleanser, even if you don't wear makeup. there is so much pollution and allergens in our environment that needs to be cleansed from our skin."


favorite productphyto corrective gel by skin ceuticals. “It really takes the redness out of any acne that I get, and helps it heal faster."

Brow Tinting Missoula

with Skin Chic since: 2020

favorite service: "i absolutely love brows. a brow wax and tint can totally change your look”


favorite product: "i love lytic plus by epionce for retexurizing. It’s quick and easy to use, and leaves your skin soft and smooth.”

skin care tip: "sunscreen every day is the most important thing.”

Skin Chic-6735.jpg

experience: in the beauty industry for 20+ years, and an esthetician for 8 years.

esthetic specialty: "creating a safe and inviting room for clients and educating them about skincare while pampering them."

skin care tip: "I think home care is super important! Otherwise, it’s like going to a personal trainer once a month but not working out in between."

Jessica Kenney


with Skin Chic since: 2010

signature makeup look: glowy skin, softly smoky eyes, and big lashes.

favorite makeup product: "for daily wear, nothing beats jane iredale's purepressed powder foundation. i've worn it every day for 13 years!" 

makeup tip: "when lining your eyes, mimic how your lashes grow: more on the outside than the inside, more on the top than the bottom."

Jenny Silva