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Microneedling with PRP: How does it work?

Microneedling with PRP is the gold standard for non-surgical skin rejuvenation and smoothing. 

  • Heal acne scarring by triggering new skin regeneration.

  • Smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Lighten hyperpigmentation

  • Gives an all-over 'glow'.

Two cutting-edge medical treatments work synergistically to rejuvenate skin.


  • Your practitioner will draw your blood, separate the platelets, and prepare the enriched plasma PRP.

  • PRP contains proteins, including growth factors and cytokines. These proteins help skin tissue repair itself.


  • Microneedling uses tiny holes in your skin (think smaller than an acupuncture needle).

  • These tiny needles trigger your skin's healing process. 

  • Collagen and elastin are produced, resulting in firm even skin tone and texture.

  • PRP is applied post-microneedling, enhancing the healing effect.

Most patients experience minimal discomfort during the micro-needling treatment. You may feel a sensation similar to light sandpaper or a dry brush being moved across the surface of the skin. 

SPECIAL: Buy one treatment, get your next treatment FREE! Now through the end of August, buy one Microneedling with PRP treatment, and get a second treatment FREE ($750 value)!

Your free treatment must be scheduled within 30 days of your first treatment.

Have questions? Call us to schedule your consult with our medical team. 406-541-8466



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