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Laser Genesis | Exclusively at Skin Chic

We are proud to be Montana's exclusive provider of Laser Genesis!

What is Laser Genesis?

Laser Genesis kick-starts new collagen production, to repair signs of aging and

sun damage. A nonablative vascular laser (meaning that it doesn’t remove the skin’s top layer), it uses micropulse technology at a wavelength of 1064nm, firing short bursts of energy so quickly that it doesn’t damage the skin's surface.

What does it treat?

It can safely treat fine lines, uneven texture, dullness, redness, rosacea, large pores, and acne scars, all without downtime. The Laser Genesis device can safely treat skin anywhere on the face or body, and it’s often combined with other procedures, for optimal results. One of the major benefits of this laser treatment is that it’s much less likely to trigger hyperpigmentation in patients with dark skin, unlike many other lasers.

Before & one week after a Laser Genesis treatment at Skin Chic

Pros and Cons


  • There’s little to no downtime after a treatment. You may look mildly flushed for a few hours.

  • The treatment has minimal pain.

  • Laser Genesis complements a wide variety of other treatments and can be performed on the same day as facials, chemical peels, radiofrequency (RF) skin-tightening treatments and RF microneedling, and dermal fillers.

  • Because it’s a vascular laser, Laser Genesis can help treat rosacea and symptoms of rosacea—like irritation, swelling, pain, and sensitivity—by targeting the broken capillaries, diffuse redness, flushing.

  • High satisfaction rate from patients. A study from 2011 reported that 98% of test subjects were satisfied with their Laser Genesis procedure. After 30 days, these same volunteers had biopsies to determine that elastin had increased in the dermis, improving the look of dilated pores, acne scarring, skin texture, and fine lines. Many patients say it’s been a life-changing treatment for their rosacea, melasma, acne, or excess pigmentation.

  • It’s considered very low-risk. Laser Genesis is one of the safest procedures available in medical esthetics.

  • Any skin tone can handle this treatment, even those that are prone to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


  • You’ll need a series of treatments for best results. 3-6 treatments are recommended.

  • It doesn’t offer dramatic results for deep wrinkles and severe sun damage.

  • The effects are gradual. You may not see much of a difference until several weeks after your first treatment.

What happens during Laser Genesis treatment?

The Laser Genesis procedure starts with a thorough skin cleansing in order to remove makeup, oil, and dirt. You’ll be given protective eyewear before the treatment starts. As the laser’s handpiece glides over the skin, you’ll feel subtle warmth and tingling. After the treatment, your technician will apply a moisturizer and sunscreen.

“You might look at pictures of yourself a year after starting Laser Genesis treatments and think, ‘Wow, I look better than I did last year at this time.”

—Dr. Jason Emer, a board-certified dermatologist specializing in cosmetic dermatology




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