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Repairing Summer Skin Damage

You've had a great summer in the sun, but your skin is starting to show it! Is there any way to repair the damage of summer?

Our skin can really take a beating during the sunning and funning summer months. With longer, warmer days and the increased time we spend outdoors, we can accumulate a lot of DNA damage. This damage leads to many signs of aging including, age spots, dry leathery skin and dull blotchy skin.

But don’t worry, if you treat your skin and update your skincare routine, you can repair much of the obvious damage and might end up looking more fresh faced than ever!

  1. Retinol based products will help increase cell turnover which can fade away the spots as well as give a smoother texture to the skin.

  2. Lightening ingredients in new formulations (hydroquinone free) have shown to target the melanin in skin that has been over stimulated by the heat and the rays of the sun.

  3. Exfoliants, either chemical or physical, remove the dry dead skin and result in brightening the complexion as well as improving softness, smoothness and radiance.

  4. Nighttime moisturizer, applied when skin is still wet helps seal in moisture as well as rejuvenate the skin during the nighttime repair period.

All of these additions should be supported with a daily sunscreen of at least SPF 30, as well as protective clothing. Remember, apply sunscreen often and use all year around!

Skin Chic staff love the Trifecting Night Cream for an all-in-one treatment to repair summer damage.

It contains a time- released retinol that is time-released for minimal irritation, as well as a proprietary blend of ingredients that lighten the skin with patented peptides and botanicals. It also reduces inflammation from stressed and acneic skin.

We LOVE this product!

Before/After with the Trifecting Night Cream:

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