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Ask Ms. Chic: Rosacea...What can I do to avoid flare-ups?

Every month, we answer your questions about skincare and makeup at Ask Ms. Chic. This month, we answer a question about how to calm rosacea.

"Dear Ms. Chic: What can I do to avoid Rosacea flare-ups?"

Experts are not sure what the exact causes of rosacea are. It tends to run in families and is more common in people with fair skin. But fortunately you can prevent flare ups by knowing your individual triggers and actively guarding against them.

Anything that increases the blood flow to the surface of the skin can aggravate rosacea.

Below are some of the triggers to be aware of:

  1. Hot and or Spicy Foods

  2. Hot Drinks and/or Caffeine

  3. Dairy Products

  4. Extremes in temperature (Hot or Cold)

  5. Sunlight, Humidity, Wind

  6. Stress and/or Anxiety

  7. Vigorous Exercise

  8. Hot Baths, Showers and Saunas

  9. Alcohol

Simple things like taking cooler showers and wearing sunscreen and make up that have calming ingredients for the skin can make a big difference.

Medical treatments and products are available to help people control rosacea.

Skin Chic has seen great results with Skin Ceuticals latest new product - New SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Masque. It is an intensive calming botanical masque that soothes temporary skin reactivity.

Active botanicals, including cucumber, thyme, and olive, this masque soothes and cools the surface of the skin. It's hyaluronic acid base is a natural humectant, providing lightweight hydration to dry, tight skin.

Using this masque as a rinse-off or leave-on treatment can reduce redness from internal or external factors, leaving the skin supple, smooth, and radiant!

Phyto Corrective Masque results:

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